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Pierre and Pamela Caron.

This is how we rate our Causeway Marine Experience

Your Purchase: 5 Star
Sales: 5 Star
Parts: 5 Star
Accessories: 5 Star
Financing And Insurance: 5 Star
How Would You Like To Rate Your Overall Dealership Experience?: 5 Star
Other Comments: We first meet your wonderful staff at the Atlantic City Boat Show. We were looking for a new boat motor and ended up with a new Pontoon Boat. We drove all the way from Oxford, PA to get the boat. Honestly I was wondering if we made the right choice due to the distance. I now know we did! Everyone there made us feel so valued. We had a credit we thought we would have to go in and try to figure out what we needed. NO, the fantastic people in parts had started going through and had pulled everything they could think of we would need! I mean everything! We then went out on the boat. They showed us how to run everything and made sure we were comfortable. I can not tell you how many times they said please call us for anything! Even when we went to leave they were thanking us, waving and wishing us well! I would drive the distance anytime for that kind of service! Thank you so very much!!!!

“Paul/Ted:  a few years ago I bought an Evinrude G-Tech, 90 horsepower, from you, largely on the recommendation of Ted.  You installed it on my 17′ Boston Whaler, and I’ve had a great experience with it.   So, as the passing years made me realize that I needed a bigger, safer platform to fish from, I knew I’d go with Evinrudes.

I had a boat built in Florida and had two 150 Evinrudes put on it.  I took delivery on the boat in October.  Unfortunately, either due to the recent extended bad weather, bad luck, or both, the engines would not start.  I was confident I could get good service from Causeway Marine, but, frankly, a bit sheepish about seeking you out since I didn’t buy the motors from you.

Nonetheless, I came to your service department looking for help.  Nick was terrific.  He treated me like a valued customer and clearly explained what he could do and when.   He told me he thought he could fit me in this week and promised to call me and tell me what day would work.  At the appointed hour, he called and told me when to bring my boat in.  I’d be hard pressed to name one other service department that would follow up like that!

When I brought the boat in, Rick knew exactly why I was there and what needed to be done.   Heck, I’ve been operated on in a hospital and the doctors didn’t know as much about my case as your guy did.  It turned out that Rick was the fellow that had put the 90 on my Whaler and was happy to hear how pleased I was with his workmanship.  I felt sure I was in good hands.

Rick quickly identified the problem and remedied it, then called me to tell me I could pick up the boat.  Talk about exceeding expectations!   Not only did he do a first rate job, he also took the time to explain to me what the problem was and why it occurred.

I’m sure you know you have quality people in your service department, but I thought you might appreciate hearing some positive feedback about them.  I’ve always bought the fluids and parts I need for my Whaler from you and will continue to give you all my business.  Your operation is top notch and it’s very comforting to know I can get excellent service right over the bridge from LBI.

Please, if you think appropriate, pass on my thanks to Rick and Nick. “

Fred Hirsekorn.


“I had a problem with my 22 ft. pontoon boat that no one could figure out, a cavitation problem. To the point I could only go about 20 minutes and it would cavitate, and I would have to drive back in at 5-6 miles an hour, every time. The boat was purchased from Causeway Marine several years ago, so I gave them a call. I spoke to Matt Moody, great guy, made me feel comfortable. He didn’t know me and I didn’t know him. He said ” Don, we will fix your boat “. And they did ! Matt and the whole crew down there are the best ! Thanks for everything. Its nice when your boat runs great.”


“Matt Moody is a great service manager. He becomes ‘your friend’ within 5 minutes of dealing with him. He takes personal responsibility for everything that goes across his desk, and he follows up on everything. Matt is the kind of guy that can hand you a $10,000.00 service bill and you accept it with a smile. Matt is a big asset to Causeway Marine. Please relay my thanks to him for taking exceptional care of me.”

Rich R – NJ

“From when I first entered the showroom I was impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of the staff. Johan has gained my trust, and thank him for convincing me into the bigger boat. Love the boat (Cobalt 242), best purchase ever.”

Ezra Saff – Allenhurst, NJ

“Since Causeway opened its doors I have been a loyal customer. I have sent numerous people there fro both sales and service. Would not hesitate for a second to send people there. The Terzians are first rate people in the boationg worl and their staff reflects it. Great to deal with.”

Bob Percopo – Holmdel, NY

“I have been dealing with Ted Terzian since Causeway Marine opened up. I have bought 2 boats from Ted including my most recent 3300 HydraSport center console. The baots I haven’t bought from Causeway have been serviced by Causeway. I have sent numerous new customers to Causeway for both service and sales and would hesitate to do so again. On numeous ocassion both Ted, Don, Johan and Rick has gone far beyonds to take care of my boating needs without hesitation”

Bob Percopo – holmdel, NJ

“Dear Ted, I’m writing to let you know how happy I have been with the Hydra-Sports 212wa that I purchased from you in 2007. The boat was everything you told me it would be and more. The engine has run like a top and the hull rides smooth and quiet. I also want to tell you how great Chris from the service department is. When we went for our sea trial, he went over the boat from bow to stern with me. We took the boat for a good ride and even though it was a cold Fall day, we were both pretty comfortable running the boat with the enclosure on. When I came to take delivery of the boat, it looked like it just came out of the factory. Your service department did such and excellent job of detailing the boat, it was hard to tell it was pre-owned. Even though I purchased a pre-owned boat, you and your team treated me as if I was buying a brand new boat. It was worth the 4 hour drive out to your dealership to sea trial and pick up the Hydra-sport. Thanks again and if anyone is reading this and wondering if they should do business with Causeway Marine, all I can say is A+++++++++++ and you will be very happy. All the best. Sincerely, Chris”

Christopher Fusaro – XX